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ORVALDI is a strong brand of uninterruptible power supply system, like UPSs, Inverters, Gensets or Surge Prots.
The first ORVALDI devices were constructed in the mid 80s of the twentieth century.
First UPS ORVALDI were based on the technology of magnetic ferroresonance.
FerrUPS structures were so reliable that many of them work to this day.
Advanced emergency power systems are based on UPS and generators ORVALDI in power for more than 1 MVA.
Large compact systems protects banking systems, servers, data centers, industrial automation, intelligent buildings.
Small ORVALDIs, like low-power UPSs and surge protector filters. They protect the quality and continuity of supply of home devices and home automation, audio and video equipment, and security and monitoring systems.

The new in ORVALDI portfolio are solar inverters which converts the "green energy" from the sun and wind to complete or replace energy from the power grid.
ORVALDI this High Technology, High Quality, High Reliability, at a good price.
Power ORVALDI systems can be monitored remotely by smartphone, wherever you are in the ranges of the Internet / GSM.



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