UPS Line interactive with sine output

ORVALDI MC-1000/1500/2000 sinus LCD, USB

ORVALDI MC series works in class Line-Interactive. With fully microprocessor control provides a high degree of protection of connected devices, it secures your data loss from power failure, surge, and sags.
Wide input voltage range and power stabilization AVR extend the life of the batteries.

ORVALDI KC-1000, 2000, 3000 USB

Provides a high-performance but inexpensive power protection solution for most of business critical file servers, minicomputers, network switches and hubs, etc..
Sine Wave Output provides assurances of compatibility with at kinds of loads.

4-Step Battery Management prevents deep discharge of the built-in battery during a power failure when connected load is small.

ORVALDI sinus 600 , 800 LCD

With new invented digitalized PWM-based controller, ORVALDI sinus UPS simplifies traditional circuit structure to digital controlled pure output sine wave.

ORVALDI ORVALDI V1100+, V2000+, V3000+ sinus 2U LCD - POWER FACTOR 0,9

Rating from 1kVA to 3KVA, ORVALDI V(L) sieries provides server-grade full power protection from power failure, spikes and surge in small footprint with enhanced output power factor 0,9.  Extended runtime available with (L) models