On-line 3/3 phase UPS

ORVALDI Power 30U-90, Power 30U-120, Power 30U-180, Power 42U-120, Power 42U-210

Offering high efficiency and overload capability, +Power is a truly modular UPS system which can easily scales in 20kW or 30kW increments up to 210kW. Modular design is applied in power module, STS module and battery module. It will simplify maintenance and replacement with low MTTR.

ORVALDI V10 20 30K 3ph/3ph on-line with Power Factor 0.8

ORVALDI 3/3 phase series of double-conversion online UPS with a output power factor 0.8. Ranging from 10KVA to 30KVA, it’s designed in small footprints with DSP technology and active input power factor correction design to ensure better output voltage conditions, power quality and power performance at all times. Its dual mains inputs will secure the power reliability in power fluctuation area.